The symbol of your speed

The very law of the beginning
In light a speaking meaning
Which breaks in slowing down
Splitting up in white light.

And in the freedom of friction
Being born as material one
Became solid in time
In well-known elements.

The colours of your white light
The meaning of your growing old
Showing the colours of space and time
The superior of the white light.

But the fall in it starts,
Little speed slows down
And builds in great colours
In constructed hugh tests.

Laws time and spaces
Achieved new laws
Then breaking down and bursting out
Destroying the white light behind.

Such speeds are about to form
That swallow up the white light
Not knowing time and space
The law-making and being.

And that black light's speed
Is not measured in any space
Because the speed is in the being
In one time and one space.

It exists and decides in the depth
Coming out in new explosion
In new productive time
Renewing itself in space.

For this, measuring the speed
Is in itself, that is space
Which is not solid and not sound
But the memories of a fairy tale.

Though in solid and black light
In the space of the reality
In our time hundreds and thousands
With no moments and no symbols.

But the field of the universe
The knowing of the universe
According to the laws of knowledge
From the white light knowing.

Our country coming home from past
Coming in the ancient fairy tales
Knowing the measure of wisdom
Recognizing it in the life.

Duma-István András verse, fordíttatta Méhes Ágnes.